Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology

Using various astrological techniques to analyze relationships, counsel individuals and couples, etc.

Relationship Astrology
  • Equinox and Relationships: My Reflection in You, with Ana Moyano, Adriana Uribe

    (Este video también está disponible en español.)

    Equinoxes are moments of balance with which nature reminds us that each cycle and each living being in the universe are in a perfect and unique place that maintains harmony between opposites.

    We are inviting you to explore astrology and the world...

  • El equinoccio y las relaciones: Mirándome en Ti, con Ana Moyano y Adriana Uribe

    (This lecture is also available in English.)

    Los equinoccios son puntos de equilibrio con los cuales la naturaleza nos muestra que cada ciclo y cada ser en el universo ocupan un lugar perfecto y único que mantiene la armonía entre los opuestos.

    Durante esta conferencia, lo invitamos a explorar ...

  • Saturn's Children, featuring Mari Garcia

    The Saturn Return, the first of which occurs at approximately 29 years of age, heralds a major transition in an individual’s life. Major decisions are made and the direction of a life starts to take shape as the person realises that consequences of actions are now demanded. What happens if -- dur...

  • Love Triangles and Complex Relationship Questions in Horary, with Elena Lumen

    Astrologers, and horary astrologers, are frequently asked questions about the potential of various relationships, romantic or business. In this class, we review traditional horary principles for answering relationship questions, and discuss how to delineate questions about another person in a rel...

  • The Three Faces of Venus: Inanna, Ishtar, and Aphrodite, with Darby Costello

    Venus has been the goddess and the planet of love for thousands of years in our Western world. She has been imagined and related to in different ways in different times and places in our history. How do we as astrologers today define and describe Venus to ourselves and others, and does our unders...

  • Avoiding Relationship Pitfalls: The Love Asteroids in Synastry, with Marcha Fox

    The “Love Asteroids” include Cupido, Sappho, Eros and Amor whose chart placements indicate who you are attracted to as well as what your expectations are of a lover. If you’re always attracted to people with whom you are not compatible, then it’s likely that this problem originates here. Since ex...

  • Your Relationship Profile, with Dorothy Oja

    Understanding your own basic engagement nature is the best way to find your perfect partner. What's most important? What matters less?

    From 2020.

  • Strategizing Synastry, featuring Rod Suskin

    Relationship astrology demands a lot of work and involves a number of different techniques and charts. The end result is often overwhelming for both astrologer and client. Rod offers a practical approach to synastry techniques as well as to sorting through the wealth of information and devising a...

  • Relationship and Marriage Indicators, featuring Theodore Naicker

    Can astrology delineate the difference between a relationship, a proposal, and a marriage? We investigate methods to look ahead for peak periods of relationship and marriage, and the triggers for these. We also discuss those patterns and indicators that usually bring these relationships under str...

  • Relationships: Reflections of Ourselves, featuring Richard J. Smoot

    We are social animals. Our life is rarely in isolation and seems always connected by the people around us. Humans bond with others for companionship, friendship, and often love and union. It is often said that we are mirrors and reflections of ourselves placed on another. In this lecture, we expl...

  • Saints and Suckers: Neptune in Relationship, with April Elliott Kent

    To create a happy partnership with another person, it’s important to believe in their essential goodness and to have faith in their highest potential. Enter Neptune, the planet of unconditional love – but also of rose-colored glasses. Neptune has a reputation for deception and disillusionment, to...

  • Connect and Break: Using Venus and Mars in Astrology to Handle Your Relationships, with Alexis Duong

    Alexis discusses how we use Venus and Mars in our relationships, and how we can create our own terms in relationships rather than follow societal norms.

    Alexis Duong is a modern/traditional astrologer with a BA in Philosophy. She started a popular astrology blog on Tumblr called Ayyries, and is ...

  • Cupid's Arrow: Bad Aim or Bull's Eye?, with Jackie Slevin

    How do we know if a relationship is a passing infatuation or the Real Deal? Example horaries will be presented to illustrate whether you’re swept off your feet or left standing out in the cold.

  • Siblings Are Forever, with Mari Garcia

    Who are our brothers and sisters and what do we expect of them? This lecture explores the concept of "brothers," its significators in the natal chart, and whether the native benefits from them, or suffers because of them.

  • Synastry: A Different Take, with Chris Turner

    In this lecture, Chris simplifies relationships into three basic types and then shows how you can use an archetypal comparison to indicate which of those types your relationship will be.

    From 2011.

  • The Davison Relationship Chart, with Dorothy Oja

    Most of us know the Composite Chart for combining individual charts to create the relationship dynamic. The Davison Relationship Chart is less widely used and known, but is an amazingly accurate relationship indicator. Because of the way it is calculated, an actual date with time and location res...

  • Healing Human Relationships: Astrology as a Therapeutic Art, with Greg Bogart

    Astrology is a beacon in the relational sphere, shedding light on patterns of relating, the phases and seasons of relationships, the cyclical changing moods, and the planetary laws of attraction. Knowledge of my own astrological profile and consideration of the natal traits and current challenges...