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Cupid's Arrow: Bad Aim or Bull's Eye?, with Jackie Slevin

Relationship Astrology

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  • Siblings Are Forever, with Mari Garcia

    Who are our brothers and sisters and what do we expect of them? This lecture explores the concept of "brothers," its significators in the natal chart, and whether the native benefits from them, or suffers because of them.

  • Synastry: A Different Take, with Chri...

    In this lecture, Chris simplifies relationships into three basic types and then shows how you can use an archetypal comparison to indicate which of those types your relationship will be.

    From 2011.

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    Most of us know the Composite Chart for combining individual charts to create the relationship dynamic. The Davison Relationship Chart is less widely used and known, but is an amazingly accurate relationship indicator. Because of the way it is calculated, an actual date with time and location res...