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Exploring the Chart on Three Levels: Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical, with Baris Ilhan. A four-part mini-course.

PLUS: Lectures from Kira Sutherland, Gloria Star, Joni Patry, Georgia Stathis, Greg Bogart, Darby Costello, and more!

Podcast: The Cosmic Pulse, with Jen Ingress

IAA's quarterly podcast, hosted by Jen Ingress. Features wide-ranging discussions with leading astrological thinkers. Watch free!

New episodes at the equinoxes and solstices.

NEW: Interview with IAA graduate Anita Kolisch, MD, on how she integrates astrology into her medical practice.


Short courses (2-6 classes each) on a variety of special topics in astrology. These courses go more in-depth than a single lecture could. By the end, you'll be thoroughly versed in the topic at hand.

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Browse our complete video library, including personal astrology, relationship astrology, horary astrology, electional astrology, medical astrology, predictive techniques, lectures on various planets, signs, houses, asteroids, and other chart factors, and much much more! Lectures for all levels of knowledge. More titles added regularly.

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  • Breaking Down the Borders 6 (12 lectures)

    12 videos

    The 12 lectures from the Breaking Down the Borders 6 conference, December 2022:

    "How Fated Is Our Destiny?" with Rick Levine
    "Incarnation, The Luminaries and Subatomic Signatures," with Clarissa Dolphin
    "Introducing the Southern Tropical Zodiac: A Holistic Astrology for the Future," with Nāthan ...

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