Here you can find short (2-6 classes) courses on a variety of special topics in astrology. These courses go more in-depth than a single lecture could. By the end, you'll be thoroughly versed in the topic at hand.

  • Exploring the Chart on Three Levels, with Baris Ilhan (4 classes)

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    Exploring The Chart on Three Levels: Spiritual, Psychological, Physical

    It is said that before birth, each soul chooses its own future life. According to the myth, souls would go to the Fates. There, a prophet would arrange the souls in order and cast lots and samples of lives. The souls then pi...

  • Spirits of the Stars: Using Astrological Magic, with Ryhan Butler (5 classes)

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    Astrology and magic have long gone hand-in-hand, either as a form of divination where the gods spoke to observers through astral omens, or through more direct ritual applications or talismanic creations during particularly auspicious configurations. The purposes of these talismans range the whole...

  • Symptom & the Soul: Astrology, Disease and Healing, with Brian Clark (6 classes)

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    One of the underlying motifs throughout our classes is that every symptom is an attempt to cure. Astrological symbols are explored from a point of view that encourages us to find meaning in our illnesses and to participate in our own healing. We cultivate an astrological view of reading symptoms ...

  • The Ascendant: Your Entry Vehicle, with Jodie Forrest (4 classes)

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    All too often, the ascendant, our entry vehicle and “spaceship” for navigating the outside world, is given short shrift in readings. Since the ascendant is the primary interface between your client and his or her life in the outside world, astrologers should give it just as much time and attentio...

  • Introduction to Horary Astrology, with Elena Lumen, Ph.D. (3 classes)

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    Traditional horary astrology is one of the most fascinating yet precise forms of astrological divination. It enables practitioners to search for guidance and a detailed answer to any meaningful life question by erecting and interpreting the chart of the moment when the question arose or was asked...

  • Introduction to Electional Astrology, with Elena Lumen, Ph.D. (3 classes)

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    Series of three classes.

    Explore the magic and practical applications of electional astrology. One of the more ancient forms of astrology, it enables practitioners to find the most optimal times for beginning of any important activity: marriage, surgery, financial, or other elections. In this Po...

  • The Astronomy and Astrology of Eclipses, with Gregory Clare (2 classes)

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    In this two-part seminar you will be introduced to the astronomy of eclipses and their timing. Additionally, you will be given information on how to use eclipses in astrological delineations.

    An eclipse is a special event that aligns the two central bodies of astrology, the Sun and Moon, also k...

  • Astrology and Addictive Behavior Uncovered, with Linda Furiate (4 classes)

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    Series of four classes.

    If you or someone you know or work with expresses addictive behavior, this mini-course is for you. We will define what addiction is and how it may present itself in the natal chart.

    The course outline includes:

    - Defining addiction
    - Types of addictions and how th...

  • Fate and the Family, with Brian Clark (4 classes)

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    Family feels as if it has a fated quality, as profound patterns continuously recur through familial lines, ones we are often compelled to repeat, yet implored to redeem. Through horoscopic patterns in family members’ charts, we can trace these inherited patterns. During these four classes we expl...

  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Astrology, with Jennifer Ng (2 classes)

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    Within 6 hours over 2 days, Jennifer presents a brief history and introductory overview of three traditional Chinese astrology systems: 28 Lunar Mansions, Purple Star Astrology, and Four Pillars. Systems of sky-mapping, use of fixed stars, and presence/delineation are introduced in relation and c...