Breaking Down the Borders 6 (12 lectures)

Breaking Down the Borders 6 (12 lectures)

The 12 lectures from the Breaking Down the Borders 6 conference, December 2022:

"How Fated Is Our Destiny?" with Rick Levine
"Incarnation, The Luminaries and Subatomic Signatures," with Clarissa Dolphin
"Introducing the Southern Tropical Zodiac: A Holistic Astrology for the Future," with Nāthan Theo Naicker
"Healing the Wounded Masculine: Chiron in Aries – A Holistic Approach to How We Show Up in the World," with Sonja Francis
"Astrology As a Spiritual Practice," with Elena Lumen, Ph.D.
"Planetary Pairs to the Stars," with John Chinworth
"Healing Your 8th House," with Marc Laurenson
"Where Angels Tread: The Ruling Planet and the Soul," with Ryhan Butler
"Astrology for Authentic Spiritual Guidance," with Rod Suskin
"36 Heavenly Arcana: Unlocking the Decans with Tarot," with T. Susan Chang
"Saturn: From Fear to Mastery," with Laura Nalbandian
"Using Psychological Astrology in Consultation," with May Sim

Breaking Down the Borders 6 (12 lectures)
  • How Fated Is Our Destiny?, with Rick Levine

    What is destiny? Can we change our destiny? Can fate alter destiny? Where does free will fit into all this? Can we manifest a destiny that is not in our natal chart? What role do the Nodes of the Moon play in our destiny? What about the outer planets? Are there moments in time when destiny can b...

  • Incarnation, The Luminaries and Subatomic Signatures, with Clarissa Dolphin

    The Sun, Moon and Lunar Nodes radiate life force all over the place. From soul to cellular, Subatomic Signatures involving these planets and points in the natal chart reveal what is actually real and manifest, as well as the trajectory of everything. This lecture involves a new and invaluable loo...

  • Introducing the Southern Tropical Zodiac, with Nāthan Theo Naicker

    This talk presents five years of research using the Southern Tropical Zodiac. Original definitions of the tropical zodiac as a seasonal paradigm are updated for the southern hemisphere. Case studies using natal, mundane, horary, and elections feature, together with exceptions. An original underst...

  • Healing the Wounded Masculine: Chiron in Aries, with Sonja Francis

    We are all trying to do our best to show up as whole beings in the world. However, our conditioning is so focused on the masculine (doing, achieving, asserting) approach that we are having a hard time being ourselves completely. As we balance our approach and integrate the feminine (allowing, rec...

  • Astrology As a Spiritual and Healing Practice, with Elena Lumen, Ph.D.

    People come to astrology looking for meaning, hope, or certainty. As we engage in the study of astrology from its symbolic language to later doing elections or astrological magic, the journey itself becomes a spiritual path leading to a more empowered and meaningful relationship with the Universe...

  • Planetary Pairs to the Stars, with John Chinworth

    Since the discoveries of Uranus and Neptune, astrology has grown in pairs of planets, echoing the classical planets. We’ll take a closer look at each pair of planets and how they bring order to astrological systems.

  • Healing Your 8th House, with Marc Laurenson

    The 8th house is classically the terrain of “other people’s money,” yet we seem to have overlooked how it works on a more personal level.

    Deeply complex, the 8th house can take us into areas of our psyche untapped by the “ego.” Here we can experience much of our pain, fear and insecurity. In thi...

  • Where Angels Tread: The Ruling Planet and the Soul, with Ryhan Butler

    Astrologers have always been fascinated with trying to find the most important planet in a chart. Throughout history they have developed a small number of techniques in order to find this most elusive and significant planet. In this lecture, we’ll explore the history and origins of these more pop...

  • Astrology for Authentic Spiritual Guidance, with Rod Suskin

    Many people come to astrologers in need of guidance on deeper spiritual matters, as well as in choosing spiritual paths. They often end up getting guidance pertinent to the astrologer’s world or belief system, or some form of guidance which is actually not directly related to astrology.

    This lec...

  • 36 Heavenly Arcana: Unlocking the Decans with Tarot, with T. Susan Chang

    Ambiguous, evocative, and spirit-infested, the decans occupied a cryptic place in astrological lore over centuries and across continents. But in the modern era, they found a new entry into occult practice through a numerological coincidence observed by the Golden Dawn, which assigned the 36 decan...

  • Saturn: From Fear to Mastery, with Laura Nalbandian

    Saturn represents our fears and limitations, elements beyond our control. In this lecture, we explore how we recreate the past over and over again out of comfort and a fear of the unknown. Then we look at how Saturn holds the keys to moving from fear and limitations to Mastery.

  • Using Psychological Astrology in Consultation, with May Sim

    With astrology increasingly used as a coaching and guidance tool, interest in psychological astrology has been on the rise. However, while focus has thus far centred on identifying psychological behaviours and patterns from the natal chart, there is considerably less emphasis on how to work with ...

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