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  • Symptom & the Soul: Astrology, Disease and Healing, with Brian Clark (6 classes)

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    One of the underlying motifs throughout our classes is that every symptom is an attempt to cure. Astrological symbols are explored from a point of view that encourages us to find meaning in our illnesses and to participate in our own healing. We cultivate an astrological view of reading symptoms ...

  • The Cosmic Pulse Episode 1, Libra 2022 - Guest: Jodie Forrest

    Host Jen Ingress talks with astrologer, author, and teacher Jodie Forrest about the IAA, Jodie's work, how she got into astrology, and her new book, Solar Arcs: Directions from the Sun.

  • What's Happening at the IAA in October, 2022

    What's happening at the International Academy of Astrology in October 2022: New course from Lynn Koiner, new podcast "The Cosmic Pulse," and more!

  • The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars, with Michele Finey

    Michele Finey talks about the cycles of Venus and Mars, and their interactions with one another. From 2013.

  • Regressing Your Chart into Your Parents' Past, with Lynn Koiner

    This is a technique that Lynn developed in the 1960s, being inspired by thoughts shared with her by Ernest Grant, one of the founders of the American Federation of Astrologers.  In this lecture, Lynn teaches an easy technique whereby one can regress a chart back in time and predict events occurri...

  • Dream Interpretation with Astrology, with Rod Suskin

    Dreams have been a fascination of the human mind even longer than astrology, so it is little surprise the ancients developed astrological techniques to identify when dreams were "true" and what they meant. This lecture explores the simple but thorough classical method of dream interpretation with...

  • Saturn as a Benefic, with Robert Hand

    Most modern astrologers are aware of the positive attributes of Saturn — discipline, structure, order, etc. — but are unaware that in both the ancient world and the Renaissance Saturn has another set of positive qualities as a transcendental planet. From our point of view it would be the first of...

  • A History of Western Astrology in 90 Minutes, with Chris Brennan

    Everyone knows that astrology has a long and venerable history, but few astrologers know the full details about where astrology originated and how it came to be what it is today. The goal of this lecture is to take the entire 4,000-year history of astrology and condense it down into a series of e...

  • Introduction to Geopolitical Astrology, with Jack Fertig

    Jack Fertig presents over two hours on geopolitical astrology, beginning with the difference between geopolitical astrology and mundane astrology. He examines various countries' charts and explains how the charts "work" for the respective countries. He also covers various techniques such as Astro...

  • Uranus: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask, with Rick Levine

    Uranus has earned the right to be called the weirdest planet of them all. But what is the real story behind this rebellious planet that shatters spatial boundaries, reverses our understanding of time, and strikes like lightning? We’ll explore Uranus natally, by transit, and in synastry. Join Rick...

  • Sun: Journey to the Centre of Yourself, with Damian Rocks

    Most of us know our Sun signs, but few of us know what that really means. Instead of describing simple personality traits, your Sun sign describes the journey you are making through life, and is linked to a sense of purpose. Find out why your Sun sign is so important and how understanding its dee...

  • Right Time, Right Place: The Astrology of Relocation, with Gloria Star

    Location does, indeed, make a difference. Just as important is the coordination of the right time to move, travel or connect to other places! In this presentation, Gloria explores relocation charts, Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G), and the integration of cycles. Included is a focus on temporary and la...

  • Astrology in the Hands, with Peter Burns

    Two important questions often asked by astrologers are: Which aspects of the natal chart find expression in real life? and Which transits have a significant effect in the client’s life? The answer is that the hands show which parts the birth chart find expression and which transits are significan...

  • Astrological Research on Cancer, with Alphee Lavoie

    Alphee Lavoie reviews research on the astrological connections to cancer.

    From 2014.

  • Speaking Your Chart: The Essence of a Planetary Placement, with Frank Clifford

    When clients, friends and public figures "speak their charts," we astrologers collect gems that inform our practice and help us expand and fine-tune our astrological vocabulary. In this talk, Frank presents a series of birth charts, entertaining real-life observations, and quotations that get to ...

  • Fortune and Spirit:Principal Lots in Hellenistic Astrology, with Doug Noblehorse

    Fortune and her companion Spirit are the two primary Greek Lots (which were the precedent for Arabic Parts) which have survived into modern times as calculated astrological points in a horoscope. But what do you do with them, and what do they mean? Misunderstandings and misrepresentations about t...

  • The Ascendant: Your Entry Vehicle, with Jodie Forrest (4 classes)

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    All too often, the ascendant, our entry vehicle and “spaceship” for navigating the outside world, is given short shrift in readings. Since the ascendant is the primary interface between your client and his or her life in the outside world, astrologers should give it just as much time and attentio...

  • Charting the Course: Techniques in Vocational Astrology, with Frank Piechoski

    This lecture explores methods used to help determine what jobs, careers, and vocations might suit an individual. A systematic approach is explored and detailed, with both charts of public figures and lecture attendees.

    From 2010.

  • Johannes Kepler's Mundane Astrology, with Nicholas Campion

    Johannes Kepler threw out most of medieval astrology, realising that it had failed, in its own terms, to predict the future. Instead he proposed a reformed astrology which could be used to understand political processes and, perhaps, maintain peace and stability. So, what would Kepler have said a...

  • Virtual Astronomy: A Demo of "Starry Night" Software, with Gregory Clare

    Astronomy and astrology are forever coupled!

    Astronomy is an integral part of astrology, and to assist you in your journey to discover astronomy’s hidden gems, having the right software can be extremely rewarding.

    On April 19, 2021, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter became the first spacecraft i...

  • Introduction to the Symmetrical World of Uranian Astrology, with Bruce Scofield

    In this lecture Bruce gives a bit of history and briefly explains a few of the key concepts such as midpoints, planetary pictures, solar arc directions, and the Transneptunian planets.

    From 2014.

  • Introduction to Horary Astrology, with Elena Lumen, Ph.D. (3 classes)

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    Traditional horary astrology is one of the most fascinating yet precise forms of astrological divination. It enables practitioners to search for guidance and a detailed answer to any meaningful life question by erecting and interpreting the chart of the moment when the question arose or was asked...

  • Buddhism and Meditation in Astrology, with Michael Erlewine

    Michael Erlewine describes the use of meditation in astrological practice and counseling.

    From 2012.