Mundane and Political Astrology

Mundane and Political Astrology

Using astrology to understand and predict world, political, and social events. This includes analyzing the charts for world leaders, nations, important events, etc.

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Mundane and Political Astrology
  • The Keys to Mundane Astrology, with Ed Tamplin

    This lecture explores the astrological techniques of world prediction. It examines cycle work and how that applies to specific countries. Ed also clarifies which national charts to use and/or discard, as well as improved methods of predicting without using national horoscopes.

    He explains exactl...

  • Pluto in Capricorn with Neptune in Pisces, with Darby Costello

    In the last 3,000 years Pluto has been in Capricorn twelve times before now. Neptune has been there with it six of those times. This talk will look at the previous transits of this combination and pick out themes that run through these periods, so to illuminate our understanding of the present in...

  • Modified Solar Return (MSR), with Gregory Clare

    The ascendant, Sun and Moon are used to calculate the Lot of Fortune. Thus using this formula we can begin to understand how a ternary or threefold relationship is formed.

    In this lecture, Gregory demonstrates another way of casting solar returns. This method was touched on some years back by Ro...

  • Harmonics, with Christeen Skinner

    We can of course spot oppositions, trines, sextiles and squares with the naked eye. This does not invalidate other aspects. Several of these -- especially the 5th, 7th, and 9th -- tell us so much about a person's potential.

    In this talk we also look at the impact of the recent Neptune-Pluto sept...

  • Neptune in Pisces: The Water God Returns to His Domain, with Gary Curci

    A study of the events that occurred when Neptune last visited Pisces and what we are likely to see happen during this transit.

  • A Rough Guide for Rough Times, with Nuno Michaels

    Times of crisis are times of opportunity - and we are all living in exceptionally demanding times.

    Astrology has a unique and deeply insightful way of pointing out the main opportunities and existential demands that our collective and individual growth requires from us now; and at the same time ...

  • The Ascent of Everest, with Gregory Clare

    The astrology of one human achievement to climb to the "Top of the World."

    Gregory Clare is a retired commercial fisherman of 28 years (1974 - 2002).

    Greg steered the boat at night with the aid of the stars. These many years of familiarity with the night sky set the scene for what was to become...

  • Astrology, Millennials, and Misfits, with May Sim

    Millennials and Gen-Z -- complete mysteries to corporations and parents worldwide. What do they really want? How do they fit into the world? May Sim explores birth chart patterns for those born 1981 and later, clarifying their differences in worldview, expectations, and behaviours.

  • Long-Range Weather Forecasting, with Carolyn Egan

    Carolyn Egan discusses her specialty, long-range weather forecasting with astrology. From 2010.

    Carolyn Egan's (1939-2015) astrological career spanned over 30 years and resulted in a professionalism that promotes astrology in general through the application of weather prediction. What began as a...

  • Venus Transits 1518-2012 and Rise of Women in Politics, with Kari Noren-Hoshal

    In this lecture, Kari Noren-Hoshal examines the various transits and cycles of Venus over a 500-year period and their relationship to the rise of women in power and politics around the world.

    The focus of Kari Noren-Hoshal’s work is evolutionary astrology. She is most closely aligned with the wo...

  • Introduction to Geopolitical Astrology, with Jack Fertig

    Jack Fertig presents over two hours on geopolitical astrology, beginning with the difference between geopolitical astrology and mundane astrology. He examines various countries' charts and explains how the charts "work" for the respective countries. He also covers various techniques such as Astro...

  • Johannes Kepler's Mundane Astrology, with Nicholas Campion

    Johannes Kepler threw out most of medieval astrology, realising that it had failed, in its own terms, to predict the future. Instead he proposed a reformed astrology which could be used to understand political processes and, perhaps, maintain peace and stability. So, what would Kepler have said a...

  • Navigating the U.S. Pluto Return in Your Personal Birthchart, with Jodie Forrest

    Reams of astrological writing have been produced about the first return of the U.S. Sibley chart’s second-house Pluto in the 28th degree of Capricorn, and that return is partile three times in 2022. Issues around the return have been building since Pluto’s Capricorn ingress in 2008, which accompa...

  • Cosmic Shamanism: The Sighting of the Outer Planets, with Erin Sullivan

    The charts of the sighting of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, were times of massive metamorphosis in the global experience. Each sighting birthed a new consciousness AND established a new motif/theme of people’s potential, activity, major changes in options in lifestyle and world-vi...

  • How to Predict World Events, with Joni Patry

    The cycles of planets, aspects, and retrogrades determine the economy, social crises, and natural disasters. How to predict war and destruction, global disease, earthquakes, assassinations, airline crashes and terrorist attacks. This class is about cycles. To understand where events will occur in...

  • The Astrology of the 2020s: The Progressive Tsunami, with Eric Meyers

    The next decade looks incredibly progressive. This lecture details the big astrology events after the Uranus/Pluto square subsides. We review the global implications of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, Pluto entering Aquarius, Neptune entering Aries, Uranus in Taurus, and more.

    From 2...

  • Mundane Astrology: The Basics, with Ed Tamplin

    This lecture concentrates on the techniques and origins of mundane and political astrology and prediction. The lecture draws on classical techniques originating from ancient Mesopotamia and supplemented by such mundane masters such as Masha’allah, through Kepler and down to the more contemporary ...

  • Finding the G(lobal) Spot: Mundane Astrology Locations, with Frank Piechoski

    Using astro-mapping techniques along with traditional mundane astrology practices to identify world hotspots. Bringing cycles, lunations, and events down to specific places on Earth to increase the accuracy of mundane forecasts and help make sense of world affairs.

    Frank Piechoski first began do...

  • The Charts of Nations and Their Leaders, with Christeen Skinner

    By the middle of the coming decade, slow-moving Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Sedna will have made new ingresses. In this talk we look at what lies ahead, which countries are likely to hit the headlines, and the leaders at the helm in these exciting times.

    From 2020.

  • Riding the Supersonic Train! China and the Looming Crossroads with Gregory Clare

    Astrological events during the 2020s present China with a choice. Expansion or contraction is at the heart of the Capricorn and Aquarius Jupiter/Saturn alignments. The choice of direction China will take will have implications for the transitioning Aquarian global community, as over the last 20 y...

  • Cronos, Zeus, and Hades Visiting Capricorn and Aquarius, with Luís Resina

    “Descent to Hell - Gate of the Gods”

    Jupiter/Saturn meet Pluto in Capricorn before joining the first degree of the Aquarius at the end of 2020.

    What will be proposed by the two giants of the solar system in the sign of equality and democracy, after passing through the selective and hierarchical...

  • How to Predict Date-Stamped News Headlines, with Jessica Adams

    Use asteroids and other objects to make date-stamped predictions of news headlines, months or even years before they happen. Work with exact transits - and history - to genuinely see into the future.

  • Understanding World Change, with Roy Gillett

    What is the fundamental nature of current political and economic change? For how long will its stresses and strains affect the key nations involved? Roy examines national charts, focusing upon the roles USA, China, the European Union, Turkey and Brazil will play in our rapidly changing times.