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Watch this video and more on AstrologyFlix

How To Understand and Use My Skills: The Quincunx & the Yod, with Eleni Kostika

Aspects, Asteroids, Nodes, Parts, More

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  • The Arabic Parts, with Kelly Surtees

    What are Arabic Parts and how can they enhance chart interpretation? Kelly presents a formula and application for the seven main Arabic parts -- each one linked to one of the seven original planets.

    From 2010.

  • Not Pet Rocks: The Asteroids Rock, wi...

    After a flurry of activity in the 1970s and more work in the 1980s, the early efforts to investigate and interpret the asteroids flagged, then stalled, then all but disappeared from the radar.  In this lecture, Roderick Kidston discusses how they relate to natal charts, personality, and even poli...

  • Juno: The Lady of Personal Power, wit...

    This is a topic dear to Roderick Kidston’s heart. He has a different take on Juno, one which gives much greater honour and emphasis to the asteroid which is the astrological conduit for the energy of Juno, Queen of Heaven.

    When astrologers first started investigating the asteroids, Juno was offe...