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The Vertex and the Anti-Vertex, with Lilly Roddy

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Are Trines Better Than Squares? with Meira Epstein

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  • The Vertex and the Anti-Vertex, with ...

    The Ax/Vx is a significant nodal point on the same level with the midheaven and the ascendant. To me, it represents our personal connection, our relationship to the world and the people in it. House and sign position are important, as well as the natal aspects to the Ax/Vx. I have recently added ...

  • Chiron: Wounded Healer, with Zane Stein

    Carl Jung, through his personal healing process, discovered the Wounded Healer archetype in himself. Zane discusses the mythos of Chiron, and Jung's discovery of the archetype within. He then explores Chiron in Jung’s chart and shows how we can see our own Chironic wounds.

  • Lilith, with Mónica Escalante-Ochoa

    Lilith represents the desire and force to live in equality between women and men and not be dominated by an authority in which we don't believe. When Lilith is emphasized in the natal chat, the person strongly lives out Lilith’s energy.

    Because the four astrological Liliths -- Dark Moon, Black M...