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Watch this video and more on AstrologyFlix

Psychosomatic Astrology: The Body Talks, with Jane Ridder-Patrick

Medical Astrology

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  • Seeds and Stars, with Ryhan Butler

    In classical medicine, parts of the body, diseases, and medicinal herbs are all said to have planetary rulerships. This creates an interconnected chain of astrological correspondence that is based on the philosophy of cosmic sympathy. These chains and correspondences can be utilized by astrologer...

  • Houses of Health, with Kira Sutherland

    This lecture is not just a look at the 6th house. It is a journey though all 12 houses and how they influence our health. Where do eating habits come from? How do we see inherited traits and illnesses? What does each house represent when it comes to our health, and how can we work with this in ou...

  • Coping with Stress, with Donna Van Toen

    Stress is unavoidable. What is a minor annoyance to one person can be a major stressor for another. This lecture discusses various styles of handling stress based on the ascendant by element and quality. Appropriate techniques for coping with stress are also discussed, along with ways in which as...