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Watch this video and more on AstrologyFlix

Healing with Astrology, with Maru Dieguez

Medical Astrology

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  • Elections for Surgery, with Dorothy Oja

    Electing a date in the future for an important event to unfold is one of the biggest challenges of astrology. It draws on the astrologer’s skill to create a moment not yet born. In the case of choosing a surgery date, it carries a huge responsibility. We’ll study the rules and conditions necessar...

  • Chiron and ADHD, with Joyce Hoen

    ADHD is rampant ever since Chiron was discovered. What does Chiron have to do with ADHD? And why are non-ADHD youngsters taking Ritalin to get high? And why are there statistically fewer ADHD persons in France where medical doctors do not use the DSM/IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Menta...

  • Astrological Research on Cancer, with...

    Alphee Lavoie reviews research on the astrological connections to cancer.

    From 2014.