About the International Academy of Astrology

About the International Academy of Astrology

Founded in 1997, the International Academy of Astrology (IAA) is the oldest online educational institution for astrology. Our Professional Training Program graduates students who are trained in both modern and traditional astrological techniques, and who are ready to begin their professional practice of astrology. In addition, we offer lectures, workshops, mini-courses, and other services for both professional astrologers, students, and interested non-astrologers including children and teens. We have programs available in English, Spanish, and Russian. Visit us at astrocollege.org for more information.

About the International Academy of Astrology
  • IAA Graduation Ceremony 2023

    IAA Graduation Ceremony held on July 11, 2023, with the graduates along with IAA administrators, instructors, and staff.

  • AstrologyFlix: Latest Additions

    Welcome to AstrologyFlix! Here are some of our newly added videos.

  • Try AstrologyFlixLite on your Roku device!

    AstrologyFlix Lite offers its own unique collection of exclusive video content on a wide variety of astrological topics from some of the world's leading astrologers. It includes videos NOT FOUND on AstrologyFlix.com! FREE to watch on your Roku streaming device.

  • Welcome to AstrologyFlix!

    Welcome to AstrologyFlix, a streaming video service from the International Academy of Astrology.

  • IAA Graduate Testimonials - December 2021

    Several recent IAA graduates talk about their experiences at the school.

  • Cursos de astrología en español en la International Academy of Astrology

    El departamento de enseñanza en el idioma de español de IAA ofrece un curso completo de astrología dirigido a las personas que quieran conocer y entender profundamente esta ciencia, así como para aquellas que busquen obtener los conocimientos necesarios para posteriormente poder presentar los exá...

  • Astrology Courses for Children (Grades 1-6) at the IAA

    IAA introduces astrology courses for children! Designed for two grade levels (1-3 and 4-6), and taught by trained and experienced instructors, these courses serve as young people's first introduction to astrology. For more information, or to register, please visit https://astrocollege.org/children

  • Astrology Courses for Teenagers (Grades 7-12) at the IAA

    NEW! IAA introduces astrology courses for teenagers! Designed for those in grades 7-12, and taught by a trained and experienced instructor, these courses serve as young people's first introduction to astrology. For more information, or to register, please visit https://astrocollege.org/teens

  • Rectification of a Birth Time, featuring Jodie Forrest

    Rectification of the birth time is the technique to determine the correct birth time based on the astrological events affecting the native's chart that are associated with significant life events in the past. The ability to rectify the birth time is a requirement for certification with NCGR and o...

  • Joseph Crane Talks About His IAA Course "Astrology, History, and Culture"

    Astrology is one of the great adventures of human civilization and has contributed greatly to people’s lives and to culture over time. This noble enterprise has spanned different cultures and historical periods and has had times of flowering and being on the fringes, yet over astrology has remain...

  • IAA Social and Game Night, August 2021, hosted by Jennifer Ng

    An evening of socializing and astrological games with instructors, staff, students, and friends of the IAA. Hosted by Jennifer Ng.

  • IAA Graduation Ceremony - 2021

    Class of 2021 graduation ceremony for the International Academy of Astrology. Hosted by Ena Stanley, Founder and President; and Jodie Forrest, Education Director. Graduates: Sahar Ali, John Chinworth, Laura Ramon Caldes, Dawn Harrison, Patricia Nicholson, and Adriana M Merchan Figueredo. July 11,...

  • IAA Graduation Ceremony - September 25 2020

    Ceremony honoring IAA's 16th graduating class: Xun Zhan Zhu, from Singapore; Mary Mathias O.D., from Massachusetts, USA; Charlene Foo, from Malaysia; and Wendy J. Burrell, from Tennessee, USA.

  • IAA Graduation Ceremony 2019

    IAA Graduation Ceremony, September 5, 2019. Graduates: Yesika I. Fernandez, Carla Shane Hedrick, Signee Hoffman, Susan Scarbrough. With Ena Stanley, Founder and CEO; and Jodie Forrest, Education Director.

  • Interview with Author and IAA Graduate Marcha Fox

    IAA Social Media Specialist Alexis Duong talks to IAA graduate Marcha Fox about Marcha's new book, "The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon," which includes a character who's an astrologer. Marcha talks about how she got into astrology, the impact IAA had on her, and how she uses astrology in her writing.

  • 2018 IAA Graduate Anita Kolisch, MD, speaks about her IAA experience

    Anita Kolisch, MD, Dipl. IAA, graduated from the International Academy of Astrology in 2018. Here she describes a little of her IAA experience.